“in+the+名词” 是英语中常见的惯用搭配,用于表示特定的概念、情况或状态。以下是一些常见的以 “in+the+名词” 形式出现的惯用搭配:

  1. in the morning: I like to exercise in the morning. (我喜欢早上锻炼。) 在早上时刻,表示一天的开始。
  2. in the evening: We usually watch movies in the evening. (我们通常晚上看电影。) 在晚上时刻,表示一天的结束。
  3. in the meantime: You can work on your project, and in the meantime, I’ll prepare lunch. (你可以继续做你的项目,在此期间,我会准备午餐。) 在此期间,表示同时发生的事情。
  4. in the future: We should plan for better opportunities in the future. (我们应该为未来的更好机会做计划。) 在未来时期,表示将来的时间。
  5. in the past: He used to live in the countryside in the past. (他过去住在乡村。) 在过去时期,表示过去的时间。
  6. in the beginning: In the beginning, the task seemed difficult, but it became easier with practice. (起初,这项任务看起来很难,但通过实践变得更容易了。) 在开始时期,表示事情刚开始的时间。
  7. in the middle of: We met in the middle of the park. (我们在公园的中间相遇了。) 在…的中间,表示某个位置的中间部分。
  8. in the end: In the end, they managed to solve the problem. (最后,他们成功解决了这个问题。) 在最后,表示事情结束的时间或结果。
  9. in the air: There’s a feeling of excitement in the air. (空气中充满了兴奋的感觉。) 在空气中,表示一种氛围或感觉。
  10. in the dark: They were walking in the dark without any light. (他们在黑暗中走着,没有任何光线。) 在黑暗中,表示没有光线的状态。

这些惯用搭配中的 “in+the+名词” 结构可以帮助表达特定的时间、位置、状态或情况,需要根据上下文正确使用。


in the air 在空中;在流传中;渺茫

Cats can see in the dark. 猫在黑暗中能够看见。

All the lights went out and we were left in the dark. 灯全部熄了,我们面前一片漆黑。

in the balance (决定、结果、前途等)不能确定的,尚未决定的

The future of this project is (hanging) in the balance. 这项目的下一步仍然悬而未决。

The fate of the African wild dog hangs in the balance. 非洲野狗的命运还是个未知数。

【注】该短语通常与动词be, hang搭配使用。

in the beginning 起初,在开始时

He disliked it in the beginning. 他开始时不喜欢它。

In the beginning I lived next to her. 开始我住在她崐 隔壁。

【注】也可说 at the beginning。

in the circumstances 在此情况下

I had to give up my attempt in the circumstances. 在此情况下我必须放弃我的尝试。

Under the circumstances, there is little hope for an early settlement. 在这种情况下,及早解决是没什么希望的。

【注】也可说under the circumstances。

in the dark 在黑暗中;全然不知

Cats can see in the dark. 猫在黑暗中能够看见。

All the lights went out and we were left in the dark. 灯全部熄了,我们面前一片漆黑。

【注】表示“在黑暗中”时,in the dark 也可换成 in the darkness。

in the distance 在远处,在很远的那边

We saw a light in the distance. 我们看到远处有灯光。

I made out three figures moving in the distance. 我隐约看见远处有三个移动着的人影。

in the end 最后,终于

We looked everywhere and, in the end, we found the key. 我们到处找钥匙,最后终于找着了。

We talked and talked about where to go and stayed at home in the end. 我们东讨论西讨论要到哪里去,结果是留在家里。

in the event 结果,到头来

We were afraid he would be nervous on stage, but in the event he performed beautifully.我们担心他在舞台上紧张,但事实上它表现得很好。

I was worried about the hotel bill, but in the event I had enough money to pay. 我一直担心旅馆的费用,结果我的钱足够。

in the extreme 极端地,非常地

The palace is magnificent in the extreme. 那宫殿极为富丽堂皇。

It’s annoying in the extreme. 讨厌至极。

in the flesh 本人,亲自

His appearance in the flesh ended the rumours about his death. 他亲自露面使传说他死亡的谣言不攻自灭。

She was very excited about finally seeing the famous movie actor in the flesh. 终于见到了那个著名的男电影演员本人,她十分激动。

in the future 将来,未来

Who knows what will happen in the future? 往后的事情谁知道?

I hope I shall be more prompt in the future. 我希望自己今后能更加果断一些。

in the interim 在此期间

“My new job starts in May.” “What are you doing in the interim?” “我的新工作五月开始。”“在这期间你干什么呢?”

I shall see you again next week; in the interim, write to me. 我下周会与你见面,与此同时,你要给我写信。

in the know 知道内情,熟知内幕

He is in the know about it. 他了解这事的内情。

In a print shop, Mr Harvey is in the know, but in a kitchen he can’t even cook an egg. 在印刷所里哈维先生是个内行,但在厨房里他连鸡蛋也不会煮。

in the least 丝毫;极少;一点儿

Are you in the least interested in skiing? 你对滑雪多少有点儿兴趣吗?

You are not disturbing me in the least. 你一点也没有打扰到我。

in the main 大体上,基本上

The boys are hard workers in the main. 这些小伙子大体上工作勤勉。

The article has in the main preserved the fairness of news reporting. 这篇稿子基本上保持了新闻报道的公正性。

in the meantime 在此期间,与此同时

I’ll call you Sunday, but in the meantime say nothing. 星期天我会打电话给你,其间什么也别说。

Some of them have eaten nothing save a few cocoanuts in all the meantime. 整个期间,他们当中有的除了吃些椰子外什么也没吃过。

in the open 在户外,公开的

The party will be held in the open if it doesn’t rain. 如果不下雨,聚会将在户外举行。

The secret is now in the open. 秘密现已泄露。

in the past 在过去,从前

He could remember events far back in the past. 他能记得很早以前的事情。

I’ve been there many times in the past. 我从前去过那儿很多次。

in the raw 不加粉饰的,未加工的;无衣着的,裸体的

They saw life in the raw among those wild tribes. 他们在那些原始部落中看到了未开化的生活。

Nudists spend a lot of their time in the raw. 赤裸主义者许多时间一丝不挂。

in the red 负债,亏欠

My bank account is 50 in the red. 我的银行账户有50英镑的亏空。

Our company was making money, but now it’s in the red. 我们公司本来是赚钱的,但是现在出现了赤字。

in the right 正确;有理

He is in the right in this dispute. 在这场辩论中他是正确的。

He had put himself in the right by his generous apology. 他非常大度地道了歉,从而反倒得了理。

in the saddle 在马上;在职,掌权

The boys were all in the saddle. 男孩子们都在马上。

He was sick for months, but got healthy and is back in the saddle again. 他生病数月之久,但已恢复健康,重返工作岗位。

in the way 挡住去路;碍事的

Go away, you’re always in the way. 走开,你总是碍手碍脚的。

Tell that boy not to get in the way. 叫那孩子不要挡住路。

in the world 在世界上;究竟;根本

They say he is the best tennis player in the world. 据说他是世界上最优秀的网球选手。(39)

What in the world happened? 究竟地发生了什么事?

She will never in the world say no. 她绝不会说“不”。

in the wrong 有错,负有责任

She was in the wrong. 她错了。

Granted this is true, you are still in the wrong. 这话即使真实,你仍然是错的。

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