so…as的句型结构,so as to 的用法

so…as的句型结构,so as to 的用法


以下是 “so…as” 结构的句型结构:

句型结构: “so + 形容词/副词 + as + 原句”


  1. She is so intelligent as to leave me almost unable to keep up with her thoughts. (她的智商很高,以至于我几乎无法跟上她的思维。)
  2. The movie was so entertaining as to make me watch it twice. (这部电影如此有趣,以至于我看了两次。)
  3. He works so diligently as to always achieve the highest scores. (他学习如此努力,以至于总是取得最高分。)
  4. The problem is so complex as to be understood fully by no one. (这个问题如此复杂,以至于没有人能够完全理解。)


so as to 的用法

以下是 “so as to” 结构的用法示例:

用法示例: “so as to + 动词原形”


  1. She studies diligently so as to achieve good grades. (她努力学习,以便取得好成绩。)
  2. He wakes up early every day so as to get to work on time. (他每天早起,以便准时上班。)
  3. They saved money diligently so as to go on a dream vacation. (他们努力存钱,以便去实现梦想中的假期。)
  4. She practices playing the piano for hours every day so as to improve her skills. (她每天练习弹钢琴几个小时,以便提高她的技能。)


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