“few”、”little”、”a few” 和 “a little”的用法

"few"、"little"、"a few" 和 "a little"的用法

“few”、”little”、”a few” 和 “a little” 是表示数量不多的词汇,具体用法如下:

  1. “few” 用法:
    • 修饰可数名词,表示数量很少或几乎没有:There are few people in the park.(公园里很少有人。)
    • 作为名词,表示少数人或物:The few who remained were exhausted.(留下来的几个人都筋疲力尽。)
  2. “little” 用法:
    • 修饰不可数名词,表示数量很少或几乎没有:There is little time left.(剩下很少的时间。)
    • 作为名词,表示很少的数量:He did what he could with the little he had.(他尽力做了他所能做的,虽然只有很少。)
  3. “a few” 用法:
    • 修饰可数名词,表示数量有些但不多:I have a few friends in this city.(在这个城市我有几个朋友。)
  4. “a little” 用法:
    • 修饰不可数名词,表示数量有些但不多:She has a little money in her wallet.(她钱包里有一点点钱。)


  1. Few people attended the meeting.(很少有人参加了会议。)
  2. There is little hope of finding them alive.(找到他们活着的希望很渺茫。)
  3. I have a few books on this topic.(我有几本关于这个话题的书。)
  4. Please give me a little time to think about it.(请给我一点时间来考虑一下。)
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