1. 作为副词,表示“也”,通常放在句子的中间,表示附加的信息。例如:
    • I like pizza. Also, I enjoy sushi.
    • She is a talented singer. Also, she is an excellent dancer.
  2. 作为连接词,表示“并且”。例如:
    • She is smart, also she is kind.
    • He is a good teacher, also he is a great mentor.
  3. 作为形容词,表示“同样的”。例如:
    • We have also experienced the same problem.
    • The new car is also expensive.


  1. Also可以和too搭配使用,表示“也是”。例如:
    • She is also a doctor, and so is her husband.
    • I like tea, and also coffee too.
  2. Also可以和not搭配使用,表示“也不”。例如:
    • He doesn’t like spicy food, and also I don’t either.
    • She is not interested in sports, and also her sister isn’t either.
  3. Also可以和be动词搭配使用,表示“也是”。例如:
    • I am also a student at this university.
    • She was also present at the meeting.
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